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Big brand experience + startup mentality

We’ve led $1M+ productions, managed large media buying teams, and worked on every type of consumer marketing project for global brands. That foundation informs the approach we take at Odyssey, where we deliver a leaner & faster marketing playbook that’s built on rock solid fundamentals.
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Our Values


As former client-side marketing leaders, we always gravitated towards partners who took ownership over every project. At Odyssey, we take ownership over your goals and work in partnership with you to make them a reality.


Trust is everything. We open up our project management process to you, working open kitchen style so that you know exactly what we're doing to help your brand. We prioritize open communication and integrity in every interaction.


Ecommerce moves fast, so your agency needs to constantly operate with a sense of urgency. We take that approach to every media buying decision, landing page, video, static ad, and more because we know that the brands that move the quickest beat the brands that stand still.


We're working in a creative space, so we reward the moonshots that drive step ladder improvements in revenue and CAC. Every creative assignment is an opportunity to make something extraordinary that can impact a brand's business, and we don't take that lightly.
OUr Team

Our Team of Experts

Jake Abrams


Seth Clampett


Terrell Woods

Account Director

Rishabh Bohara

Account Director

Aidan Schneider

Account Director

Tylor Vi

Growth Marketing Manager

Jessie Hill

Growth Marketing Manager

Sasha Allen

Growth Marketing Manager

Alexis Morgan

Creative Strategist

Olivia Barth

Creative Strategist

June Foret

Project Manager

Patty Ing

Visual Designer
Angela's Headshot

Angela Liang

Visual Designer
Sarah's headshot

Sarah Eriza

UX/UI Designer

Christina LeMarr

Influencer Coordinator

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